VIVUS is a logistics, distribution and

marketing company – we specialize in

making available your products

to the masses and the base-of-the-pyramid

markets in Ghana.


VIVUS combines low-cost transportation solutions, intelligent store location

and information technology to build logistics or distribution solutions that make your

products to stand out and become widely adopted.

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Marketing and Distribution

We represent foreign and local brands that wish to secure a foothold in Ghana or expand their footprint. We currently specialize in sales or distribution via mini vans. We are also rolling-out an ambitious franchising program of self-corner shops and mini-stores in Accra.

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Outsourcing of Mobile Sales

With our growing strengths and expertise , we can handle the entire process of mobile sales. We would discipline the sales process while constantly looking out for improvements; reduce fraud and maintain your entire fleet dedicated to sales for a fee.

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Rural Sourcing and Delivery

We have a growing presence in rural areas via our rural tricycle taxi companies. Whether you are looking to purchase agro produce or bring goods to rural areas, you can count on us in finding effective sources or provide you with logistics support.


Low-cost 3 wheeled vehicles

3-wheeled cargo vans and motorbikes are low-cost transportation solutions and appropriate for rude road conditions. We are the first Logistics and Distribution Company in Ghana making them the majority of our fleet. We use them in reducing traffic time in congested urban areas or in rural areas for micro-collection of goods.

Fleet Software and Technology

We have developed in-house fleethabari , a proprietary fleet management software solution that encompasses everything from maintenance scheduling, fuel monitoring, compliance to make sure our vehicles are always running and well cared of. Our next projects are to develop an SMS alert system and a location-based tool for mapping vendors and outlets.

Innovative Marketing and Sales

We often witness what strikes a chord with masses and employ alternative approaches ranging from mobile advertising, audio ads via car mounted speakers, celebrity marketing to supplement your brand efforts.

Innovative Finance

We use a variety of financial instruments such as contract financing, leasing and revolving credit to finance our growing interaction with clients.




Pure Water Distribution

We are a preferred distributor of pure water sachets for Baron Limited (Ice Pak) and Special Investment Limited (Special Ice) in the Greater Accra Region.

Rural Transportation Services

We are establishing in select districts of the Eastern Region ‘‘rural tricycle taxi companies’’ – transport hubs comprising five or more 3-wheeled vans and tricycles – providing collection services to farmers and small businesses



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